Trevor Burke
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actor / comedian
I will be heading to Raleigh-Durham  to perform at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival on February 5 and 6

Trevor was on a West Coast trip and performed twice at the Burbank Comedy Festival... On Monday night the 18th he was hosted by Jimmy Dore and on Friday night the 22nd, Trevor was hosted by Joey Medina. Trevor was invited back to perform on Saturday in the Grand Finale.

We went to Vegas in the middle of the week to see a couple of shows and to meet Carrot Top!
A short clip of Trevor Burke performing at the Burbank Comedy Festival, Aug. 22nd, 10PM show
Trevor Driving on a desert road.... Remember he is only 12 years old!!!!
Trevor Pan Handling in front of New York New York Hotel Casino... $1.00 for Jokes
Short video of Trevor and I hanging in Los Angeles and Vegas! Does he actually hit on the hostess?

Trevor films a PSA for Curfew.... See if you recognize the woman is at the end of the video
Trevor films a PSA for MS Fitness Challege
I have been acting and performing stand up since I was in 3rd Grade.... I have appeared in over 22 short films (some award winning), 3 feature films (Billy Club), 3 music videos (Brighton MA Touch) and worked with Steve Harvey performing a sketch for his inauguration daily talk show. I have also performed on stage in theater with the Fury Theater Group in Chicago.
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